Take A Ride With These Mechanical Animals & Fantasy Creatures!

Not everyone has ever had a chance to see an elephant in person. Even less people had the possibility to ride such an impressive animal. Sadly, we are not taking you to a safari, but the least we can do is to show you a recording of a new kind of elephant that is way bigger than the ones we know today. Don`t be afraid, it is not an evolutionary prodigy, yet a man-made critter. Once you see the first Fantasy Creatures you will be left open-mouthed.

However, as much as this machine elephant looks real, we have got to give our best in order to preserve the remaining elephants in the wild, so we won`t have to watch only mechanical ones in the future. Nevertheless, this is a great idea to see and ride and elephant if there is no chance to bring one in town. On the other hand, there isn`t just an elephant in this video. You will also have the opportunity to see all sorts of Fantasy Creatures like a SMOKE BREATHING, FIRE SPITTING DRAGON! In our opinion, that`s the machine that stole all the show! These apparatuses are displayed in the French city of Nantes and are created by a street theatre names Royal De Luxe.

Plus, follow this link to see the full history and timeline of the creations of mechanical creatures.