One does not have to have some special views or attitude towards it, but I think that we can all agree that when we have some kind of a vehicle (any kind) that includes the term Redneck, we are about to see something wild, and in most cases, totally crazy! And the following trike project that you are going to see in the following video, is a pretty good proof of that! Just as you could have read in the title, it is called “Youtube Redneck Physco Bike” (not a psycho) and according to its creator and author of the video, who is a rat rod builder, he was looking to build something different from everything previous. So he came up with this insane bike project, which definitely looks like nothing I have ever seen before either.

At the time when the video was filmed, it was still a project in development, so it still did not have a motor, so the man was asking for a suggestion. But there are those huge tires, for which he tells us that they are coming from a `68 Chevy Nova, and of course, there is the bicycle frame.

I really would not even dare to imagine how this thing will look like when it is all done (which may very well be, the video is 2 years old), but if you have any suggestions or information to give us about this mad project, do not hesitate to do so.

In a mean while, check out the video below and see the Youtube Redneck Physco Bike yourself. And if you want to see more original and creative bikes, go to this link.