Hello Enthusiasts! We call you that because you probably associate yourself with the title – since you`ve clicked to read this article and watch the trailer for the 2015 Jon Long THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM MOVIE documentary! So, here we are, all united – skaters, bikers, surfers, climbers and us – spectators! All in all, we are bunch of adrenaline junkies who want some fun every once in a while. However, let`s throw a few words about this soon to be released documentary describing the lives and activities of many famous “action sportsmen”. Thus, you will have the chance to see Tony Hawk as he gives his opinion on skateboarding, per se, as well as the legendary surfer Kelly Slater who will take you to the ocean to catch a massive wave!

That`s not all, you`ll see the climbing icon Kauk Ron or Robbie Maddison. This jaw dropping THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM MOVIE documentary is probably one of the best works of Jon Long if not the best! Well, we know it`s our favorite long work so far! If you are now ready, please do click on the footage below and seize the day with our heroes for the next 2 minutes! CARPE DIEM as Robin Williams would say in Dead Poets Society. OK, let`s leave that one for another time – enjoy!

To find out more about the movie, follow this link and visit the official page!