Take A Look At The Official Video Of NORRA MEXICAN 1000 EVENT!

Many rally events are organized on almost every corner on the planet and they represent a real automotive heritage. Besides the car shows, these events gather car enthusiasts but with a slightly divergent purpose – racing! Therefore, today we decided to present you a video which will bring the atmosphere from the NORRA MEXICAN 1000 rally!

NORRA or the National Off-Road Racing Association was founded back in 1966 by Don Francisco, Ed Pearlman – Circa and a group of other automotive lovers from California. The following year, 1967, was the year of the first edition of Mexican 1000!

That was a brief historic overview, and now let`s focus on what we have here! A plethora of amazing vehicles, great atmosphere and of course, the inevitable part, pretty gals! In this video you can see various motorbikes, trophy trucks classic racecars and much more! In addition to this, the Mexican 1000 is a rally event that has both types of rallies – on-road and off-road as well!

Also, you can participate with a vehicle that is alternatively fueled! One thing is certain when watching all these smiling faces – this event is definitely fun and worth visiting!

At last, click here to visit the official page of Norra Mexican 1000 and get the latest info.