ACTIBUMB – The Real Solution For Speeding? Speed Over The Limit – ActiBumb Lowers 60mm!

Have you hear about Actibump?

Robotic Actibump Speed Limit 2

When we hear about speed bumps, the only image depicted in our heads is of those big lumps in roads that are meant to force reckless drivers into decelerating. However, in Sweden they are making sure you are respecting the speed-limit. In other words, if you disrespect the law, you will get a rude awakening! The system we are talking about is a robotic speed bump called Actibump! A radar checks the vehicles as they approach the bump. If someone is driving over the limit, Actibump will recede into the road by 2.3 inches. This will give the car a jostling reminder that they are speeding.

Unless you are driving over the speed-limit, this automatic speed bump is indistinguishable from the road. This system is also way safer than the typical speed bump, which is known to often send cars rocketing into the air.

It`s also more fuel efficient for the decent driver because vehicles won`t have to waste fuel by slowing down. Actibump is already installed in several locations throughout Sweden. In some places, it effectively decreased speeding by 95%.

Do you think this intelligent speed bump should be installed in the USA as well? Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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