Suzuki GSX1300R Stock vs 850HP Nissan GTR Switzer! Who Wins? Place Your Bets!

It is a rare beauty to see a drag race between a big boss car and a speedy powerful bike, but you know that the size should not be underestimated, specially not in this situation. Appearance can lie, and this is especially true for vehicles! This drag race is just another one of the myriad of such races that teaches you never to underestimate your opponent! At first glance, everyone would think that the Nissan GTR Switzer would completely destroy the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa bike! However, the stock Suzuki Hayabusa proved to be a very potent opponent!

So, today Jerry meets Tom or Suzuki GSX1300R Stock meets 850hp Nissan GT-R Switzer!

Be a witness of a really fast race that will end up to over 180 mph! None of them gives up, so be prepared for a twisted end decorated with amazing sounds of the both engines! To put it simply, this is one incredible drag race! On one side, we have a stock Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa with 198 HP. On the other side, we have the incredible Nissan GTR R35 Switzer, with a whopping 850hp engine under the hood! Even though the difference in horsepower was very big, this didn`t discourage the Suzuki rider in the drag race! As soon as the light turned green, the Suzuki stormed off into the lead! At the ¼ mile mark, the Suzuki GSX1300R had a speed of 140 mph! It passed this mark after 10.5 seconds! As for the Nissan GTR Switzer, it passed the ¼ mile mark after 10.7 seconds with a speed of 136mph! It didn`t end here though, because this was a 1 mile drag race! Who do you think won in the end? You will have to watch the video yourself to get your answers!

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