Super Slow Motion Video Of Shooting Through Suppressor!

With the advancement of technology and some major breakthroughs in the industry, we are able to perceive the world in a completely different way. Such advancement in the camera world enables us to see slow motion videos of as much as 110,000 frames per second. Many of you will find this video super amusing and fun hence we take a look at what it looks like to shoot through a suppressor at a super slow motion. But how is it possible to see through a metal suppressor? Well, instead of metal surrounding, the suppressor is made from Plexiglas.

Super Slow Motion Video Of Shooting Through Suppressor 2

This enables the camera to catch every frame as clear as possible and see the physics behind its functionality. We take a look at several different types of suppressors who were made by Soteria.

They are shooting from a powerful rifle and the first test does not go as planned. Due to the power of the rifle, the suppressor splits up joint of where the Plexiglas and the metal were secured together. It does still look great, but it was time for yet another test. In the second test it all goes well and once you see what the suppressor really does, you are going to be amazed.

It captures the flammable gases which are produced from the bullet. Couple of tests later, one of the suppressors brakes due to the thin Plexiglas which was put. The videos are absolutely stunning and take some time to go through every second of it!