Big Rig Truck Can Pull 18 Wheeler Uphill Like Nothing!

A friend is the one when helps you in need. That`s how an old saying goes. In some situations we need only good will to help the others, no matter if they are friends or not. But the good deed is the thing that counts. Some situations of people in need are those when somebody is stuck with his vehicle in the snow. It can be a car, a minivan, it just happens. This is when the big boys come to the rescue. In this video below, you can see how an 18 wheeler is being pulled uphill by a big rig truck.

Apparently, 18 wheels are not powerful enough to cope with the snow. On the other hand, the big rig truck has enough power to pull the other one. Not only you can see that, you can also hear it! The sound you will hear, send a clear message! In addition, the driver of the truck being pulled can learn something from this. Next time when he goes out on the road in snowy conditions, it won`t be bad if he has set of tire chains on his disposal.

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