Street Outlaws Busted On The Streets of L.A: Nov 25, 2013!

Here we are again on the streets of LA. Not so long ago, we showed you another video with LA street races, so we thought why not again. Unfortunately, this time we won`t have the pleasure to see any races due to the most popular enemy of the street racers, the police department. There is no racing when they are coming, although this time there were 400+ cars and more than 800 spectators. The LAPD cleared the streets within minutes. But the racers are not giving up so easily, they started warming up the engines in order to try the spot again sometime later. However, that was not possible because there were police cars keeping the streets quiet.

Watch the Street Outlaws Busted On The Streets of L.A. Publish date: Nov 25, 2013!

Enjoy the video below!

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