SPY VIDEO: High Performance Mustang Way Better Than Regular!

New High Performance Mustang 2015 Spied: Possible SVO? The regular brand new Ford Mustang with 4 cylinders and turbocharged shall be named the EcoBoost, in accordance with a recent leakage. Plenty of folks were keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the SVO`s nickname comes back. Is it possible that Ford keeps the SVO nickname for some new baby doll?!

This is very probable to happen. According to this 6GMustang included video, a model of an  upgraded exhaust system and a significantly diverse machine note was noticed to be put on on test. It is very similar to the six hundred and sixty two inches of power GT500 Mustang, but the sound that it makes is being totally diverse. The video above shows a car that is being significantly different from the future prototype GT350 for the year 2015, that was being spied previously this year.

Enjoy the video below!

Manny assumptions say that under the hood there is a massive turbocharged V-6  block with 4 cylinders.

It`s quite probable that the regular EcoBoost Mustang shall offer an alternate track rated upgrades along with some exquisite package. It shall be available for all four cylinders.

The 2015 Ford High Performance Mustang is up to be sold this autumn, meaning that we have to be patient for just a little more to know what`s going to happen next. Below, we offer you a link in case you wanna be in touch with everything happening in Ford Mustang company.  Many new stories coming!

Yeah, this one is something like these!

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