Son of a Fallen Brave Cop Tries To Get His Father’s Squad Vehicle!

This story of a brave cop and his son will break your heart! Even though we have heard hundreds of awesome and interesting stories, there is a special category of heart breaking stories that is guaranteed to make your eyes watery the moment you see it. Hereby in this video we take a look at such story in which the bravery of a fallen US cop is blended together with the love of his son so make something that is truly amazing. Namely, this brave cop got killed while being on a duty 7 years ago and the legacy he left behind him is massive.

Son Fallen Brave Cop Buy Squad Vehicle 3

His family keeps every photo and every object that the brave cop owned. His son shows the jacket which means a lot to him buy unfortunately it is too big for him to wear it. Therefore he decided to purchase at an auction the last only thing that his son can get proper use off and that is his duty car from the police department. So he went at an auction with dozens of other people and though he did not properly know what to do, he was aiming for one thing and that is to purchase the car. But things do not went as planned because the price exceeded his budget limit and someone else purchased the car.

Even though he was devastated, something amazing happened immediately after. The man who purchased the car gave the keys to the son. He was thrilled by that and got very emotional. At least we know that he is going to take great care of the car.

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