Sometimes TOO MUCH HORSEPOWER is Not Such a Good Thing!

I`m sure that you have heard the expression that `sometimes it can happen even to the best of us`, and obviously even the professional drag racers, that are riding on the wings of the ultra-powerful machines, equipped with the cutting edge launch control technology, like the Nissan GTR R35. And thanks only to the combo of great driving skills and a little bit of luck, or you can even call it `a divine intervention` if you want to, resulted with the happy ending of this unfortunate drag battle. What we have here is something that from promising and ultra-attractive drag face-off, between one Ford Mustang and the 2 000 HP WR38DETT Nissan GTR, could have turned into a possible disaster. It happened right away from the very start of the race, when the driver of the GTR lost control, due to the not so great track conditions, and just a little bit too much horsepower under the hood!

But fortunately, everything turned out to be alright for both of the cars, because the Mustang was already gone further, and the GTR managed to somehow avoid smashing up against the wall, by the amazingly quick and sober reaction of the driver. Obviously, there is something called TOO MUCH HORSEPOWER!

But it would be better if you watch the video clip yourself and see the whole thing with your own eyes. And in order to prevent something like this from ever happening to you, go to this link and read a good article about a “Split Second Decision Making”.