Mercedes-AMG New TEASER VIDEO! Something Fast Is Coming!

Whenever Mercedes-AMG mentions the words something fast in its commercials, we are not surprised, because the company has already proved itself as a creator of super fast machines. However, in the latest teaser video we can hear a pretty familiar engine sound that can help us unveil the upcoming model!

If we rely on our expertise in cars, we can say that the hidden monster in the video is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 engine! However, we also know that a number of Mercedes-Benz beasts have this machine under their hood, but rumor has it that this might be the GT sports car that the German manufacturer has announced before. Having the fact that all the shooting was done on a racing track can easily confirm this hint of ours. Anyway, in a few days we will have the definite answer and now just press play and enjoy that powerful sound!

However, when it comes to fast, check out this video!

Something FAST Is COMING! Check Out Mercedes-AMG New TEASER VIDEO 1