Here we go with something that will be a really good fun for all those amongst you who love and enjoy watching those fast and powerful motorcycles doing all kinds of crazy stunt performances, which are a little bit out of the ordinary. As you could have read in the title and see from the intro photo, today we have prepared you a wet motorcycle video which, unlike most of the other stunts that we get to see, that include wheelies, rubber burnouts, and creating huge clouds of smoke, is taking place in a small `water pool`.

Well, as you can guess, it is not literally taking place in a pool, but in a small parking lot that has turned out in a pool, after the rain. Unfortunately, the author of the video is not from an English speaking area (even though it seems that it is happening somewhere in the US), so we cannot give you any info about what kind of a bike it is, who is the guy, and so on.

The wet motorcycle sure looks like a Kawasaki Ninja, but I would not bet on it. However, after doing some stunts on the street, this is probably a good way for this guy to wash off his motorcycle, and have a little bit of fun in the process.

So check out the video below and enjoy it! And if you want to see another, different, but a really crazy motorcycle stunt, go to this link.