Some of the Best Skylines Nissan at Calder Park Street Drag Meeting!

When it comes to the fabulous Best Skylines, things cannot get boring and none of us can never get enough of these wonderful sports cars. Therefore we are bringing you another video, featuring turbocharged Skylines, from the R 31, R 32 & R 34 lineup, as well as a Nissan R 35 GT-R, taken at the Calder Park Street drag races.

You may say that sometimes we are a little bit sympathetic towards these sports cars and you probably won`t be wrong. Because there is not a guy who is In to drag races and sports cars who does not love the Nissan Skyline lineup and watching a video like this is a true inspiration and a moment for exaltation for every gearhead.

So if you are one of the whole army of fans of R 31s, R 32s and R 34s, plus Nissan R35 GT-Rs, you will truly enjoy the video bellow, watching cars, one by one getting prepared on the drag strip, taking off and making a great results. I myself, especially like that black R 34, which one is your favorite? Check it out!

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Enjoy the video below!

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