Check Out This Slick & Ultra Trick 68 Chevrolet Camaro!

This amazing 68 Chevrolet Camaro is owned by Margarita and Tom and Graham, citizens of Texas. Mr. Graham works in the healthcare industry and has always had pure adoration for nice cars. Considering how much effort does a medical career requires, Tom has put his passion for cars on stand by.

Till recently. He pursued his dreams and became a doctor but his desire for mean, powerful beast of car did not fade away. As we already mentioned he recently bought a swell 68 ChevroletCamaro in desperate need of a complete restoration.



Thanks to one, much esteemed shop called the Hatfield Restorations at Canton, Texas, Tom was informed about the car. After a short conversation with them, Tom realized that this was the right team for him and decided to put the creation of his dream car in their hands.


They talked over all the details for many, many times, but mostly Tom explained them that he liked the car to look smooth, perform like a beast and boosts tons of raging horsepower. Hatfield`s guys had proven to know well their job. The first thing that shall poke your eyes is the smooth, custom-mixed maroon pearl paint, the amazing work of Michael Stovall at Hatfield`s. Well, it took plenty of sanding and blocking in order to put the 40-plus year-old beast on the road. When you realize how mean the car is then you may spot the gentle body mods made by the professional hands of Hatfield`s team. The rear and the front lower valences have more subtle spoilers due to the reshaping. Several punched holes were fitted up front also got fitted with custom stainless steel grilles. New wheels were made and tucked under the hood in order to make place for the huge amount of rubber.

Considering all the suspension and traction that were featured, it would be a shame if you don`t have enough power to make it run and this 68 Chevrolet Camaro possesses some serious power. Inside you can spot a 427 LS  Mast Motorsports boosting out a tremendous amount of around 600 horses, but still behaving well as a day-to-day ride companion. A T56 Tremec six-speed manual transmission is also fitted along with TCI bellhousing and a dual disc clutch -Ram.

Before the Hatfield team commenced their work, Tom entrusted them in making the interior cozy, nice-looking and spacious, because he was planning to spent long hours of his life driving his baby Corvette. The dashboard was left with all the sheetmetal on, but everything else was customized. The cluster is now filled with many Auto Meter gauges , the floor is covered with Mercedes carpet, the doors needed new custom fabricated panels, and the stock seats were redesigned and dressed in a leather which was fine looking and of course of top-quality. The Custom Electronic stereo is top notch and featured at Tom`s great pleasure. The entire body was subjected to some serious modifications. Some of the most important ones are the shaved marker lights , trunk lock, drip rails and bumper bolts . But the exterior was not the only thing redone.

Finally, you’ll never guess who’s 68 Chevrolet Camaro is on sale!