SICK Nissan GTR R33! Including: Burnouts, Drifts & Onboard View!

Check this Sick Nissan GTR R33 including Burnouts, Drifts and Onboard View! This time all of this comes in 1080p HD!

It is time to have couple of minutes where we will enjoy watching this skilful driver as he handles his SICK Nissan GTR R33! If you want to know what`s so special about it, just wait until you see all the burnouts that provide smoke seen from the far distance combined with AWESOME DRIFTS that made the tires BURN! This vehicle is definitely perfect as there is nothing you could add or deduct! The crowd that came after the sound and smell of tires attracted them is an enough proof about this cars` AWESOMENESS! So, we would like to invite you to the footage below the text!

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Enjoy the video below!

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