Shockwave Jet Truck vs. Joe Fagundes’ Airplane! Must See!

Watch this amazing drag race between the superpowerful Shockwave Jet Truck and Joe Fagundes’ Airplane! But before you do so, let`s take a look at the specifications of these two competitors. The North American Texan Aircraft dates back from the time of WW2. It has 600 HP Pratt and Whitney radial engine reaching a top speed of 260 mph. Furthermore, it weighs 5500 pounds and is one of the 22 thousand aircrafts built at that time.

On the other hand, the jet truck has not one, not two but THREE Pratt and Whitney J34 turbojet engines, the same engine that powered the navy’s T-2 Buckeye Jet Trainer. Also, this truck is a world`s speed recorder reaching 376 mph.

Finally, if you want to find everything about these Jet Trucks, visit this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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