Setting LEAVES ON FIRE With A Chevy Z71 TRUCK!

This World is known for its` diversity. Go from one and to another and you`ll find yourself shocked by all the different things you see. It has many different people, different seasons, different cultures and languages, and also, it has different ways of setting leaves on FIRE! We don`t know what your favorite season is, but if it`s fall, you probably like it for the climate, but hate it when it comes to yard work in your yard! However, you might want to do a little raking when you see this unique way of the final step: setting them on fire with  Chevy Z71 truck!

This guy definitely has no hard times with his lighter, trying to do it quickly before the wind blows! What he used was a TRUCK! He simply pointed the exhaust pipes to the leaves, started the engine, hit the throttle, and voila! The CHEVY Z71 truck did a great job and those leaves will be history in no time! However, you should be careful and quickly get away from there if you don`t want you bumper and whole car to be set on fire! So, if you run out of matches, or can`t find your lighter, you can always use your Chevy!

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