Saleen Mustang “American Flag S281”!

For the very special occasion of Independence day, Saleen unveiled Mustang “American Flag S281”. This is a limited edition vehicle, created in honor of the troops who serve their military duty here of far from home!

The exterior and the interior are equally amazing. The interior is all about black leather with white stitching, while the exterior is a reflection of an amazing white with Blue& Red details paint job. This car is brand new and signed by Steve Saleen, himself. His team has launched 24 of this vehicle, eight of which are red, eight blue and eight white. And please do not forget the one of a kind graphics, the tuned suspension, the American flag, the supercharged engine and the amazing 20-inch wheels.

Saleen found its motivation for this design from the American troops in Iraq, who purchased a Saleen Mustang in order to give themselves some credit for their honorary work.

2008 Saleen Mustang American Flag S281