UP FOR SALE: The Nissan Maxima V6 that Beat a Porsche Turbo JDM!

When it comes to legendary car videos, nothing can beat the all-time classic we all remember when the Nissan Maxima V6 made a huge upset on the drag track and beat the Porsche Turbo JDM.

UP FOR SALE Nissan Maxima V6 that Beat a Porsche Turbo JDM 3

The video went viral right away and over 3.7 million people have seen it. This video made every Nissan owner very proud of what they own. Though I highly doubt that you have not seen this video, I sincerely recommend you do so if you have not. 4 years have passed since it was first published and it still is one of the best car videos out there. The race took place in Chihuahua City, Mexico. To everyone`s surprise, this driver shifted through the gears just perfectly and eventually ended up winning the race.

But this story does not end there and we have an update about it that has happened very recently. Namely, you could own the very same Nissan Maxima V6 hence it was put up for sale on Facebook. When the video came out, there was no information about the cars` exterior or its power house, but after 4 years we finally get to see it. This 2002 Nissan Maxima has a Turbo STD V6 3.5l engine. The proper asking price is not given hence it is listed for just $111. It also has an AEM ignition.

This is your chance to own a piece of viral history which we can never forget. Simply contact the seller and offer your deal!

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