Hello my dear muscle car aficionados. I will start this short article about one really good TURBO CHEVROLET video that is coming from Mother Russia with the words that I have probably said sometimes before. One of the beauties of watching these types of clips, is the opportunity that it gives us a chance to see and find out about the car and drag racing culture in other countries in the world, where similar people on us, are sharing the same passion and love for powerful muscle monsters, and having the very same goal – achieving the best and fastest possible result with their beasts!

Today we will go on a small video journey in Russia, where we are going to see Andrey Mulenko, in his awesome and powerful Turbo Chevrolet Corvette, as he is running a Quarter-Mile pass and achieving his best personal time, which is also supposed to be Russia`s fastest Quarter-Mile pass with a `Vette! I`m saying `suppose`, `cause we cannot say that we have an official info about it, just as we do not have any reliable data about his Turbo Corvette.

But that is why, the pictures are saying a thousand words, so you better have a look at the following video that we have prepared and see Andrey`s powerful performance, running 8.3 seconds at 167 mph! And if you want to find out something about some the best Russian drag racers, click here.