Roots Supercharged Mini Drag Bike Start-Up & REV Demonstration! I Am Building This!

There are various ways to be creative with tools and some ingenuity. There are endless options that range from a regular classic car build to complex hovercraft. However, this video proves that you can be extremely creative with a simple mini bike such as the one featured. In the end, it all comes down on your financial capabilities and also the motivation to face a big challenge. Having said that, this guy definitely has the aforementioned and created one superb supercharged mini drag bike. You really don`t expect such a simple bike to have so much power.

Nevertheless, with a Volkswagen supercharger and some neat tuning and tweaking, the gearhead behind this supercharged mini drag bike claims that it delivers a massive amount of power. After taking it for a ride, he plans on creating a wheelie bar for the small but powerful bike. We think that this would be a welcomed addition. The engine delivering all that power is a 212cc predator from Harbor Freight. We know that you have a lot of other questions regarding this monstrous mini bike. Therefore, check out the video below and see what this ingenious mind has done in order to build the ultimate mini drag bike that is bound to leave you in awe.

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