Roman Abramovich Is Using A $80M Boeing 767 Airplane As His Private Jet!

Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich who is best known as an oil magnate and owner of Chelsea F.C can be seen departing Copenhagen in his amazing Boeing 767 airplane.

Roman Abramovich Is Using A $80M Boeing 767 Airplane 2

In this video, you can see him enjoying this take off experience with his spectacular Boeing in the beautiful sunset which is also known as “the golden hour”. What you see here is most definitely the epitome of wealth and exclusivity. If you own a plane, you are definitely a part of the elite. However, owning a Boeing 767 is something completely different. Roman Abramovich can use this as his flying palace or his party jet. Something you would imagine Tony Stark doing. We find it very hard to rank this airplane so we`ll just do the price talking which is staggering 84 million dollars!

This Boeing 767 airplane goes by the nickname of `The Bandit` and it looks as awesome in the inside as it looks from the outside. It features master bedrooms, conference rooms and luxury bathrooms. The majority of the interior inside is under wraps. However, the public knows that everything inside is of course done with a gold trim around the entire aircraft. To make things even more ludicrous, this airplane features the exact same missile defense as Air Force One! Yeah folks, Air Force One, which is the most secure and safest airplane in the world. Nevertheless, this Russian billionaire sure designed this plane in order to meet his bizarre needs. Beside this staggering aircraft, Abramovich also owns a 2 million dollars mega-yacht.

At last, check out this amazing supersonic private jet!