Rolling in my 5.0 Fox Creations’n’Chrome !

If you ask the Americans which car from the 1980s had made the biggest impression on them, most of them would answer the 5.0 Fox Body Ford Mustang. It is not that this car is the fastest, the most beautiful or with the best performance, but it is just likable and Americans simply adore it.

This Mustang begun to get altered and adapted of a racing car so that it will be able to take part in different racing events on the territory of the U.S. Unlike many other cars the 5.0 Fox was available and the car along with its constituent parts was very cheap. The last Mustang was built in 1993 and it does not belong to the “modern” cars group, neither does it belong to the “old time” cars group. If you go and have a stroll at the SEMA Show you will be able to see a lot of Mustang models, but we doubt that you will see any 5.0 Fox models.

This inspired Creations`n`Chrome to make the Top Natch. The Top Natch is based on 1986 Mustang, but it doesn`t look at it at all. The aim of Creations`n`Chrome was when people see the Top Natch to be reminded of the Fox. Additionally, they wanted to make a unique car that will impress the whole world with its style and its performance.

It took a lot of effort for Creations`n`Chrome to make the vehicle as they wanted. At the end, when everything was done, the car`s wheelbase turned out to be 1.5 inches longer and 3 inches wider. As for the engine, the Top Nach featured a Ford Racing Aluminator DOHC 32-valve motor that provided the car with better equilibrium.

In order to keep the car lighter, Creations`n`Chrome used a lot of carbon fiber in the production of the hood, the deck and the doors. The car also featured Nitrous Express N-tercooler system and G Force GF-5R transmission with 5 speeds. Furthermore, the car has Wilwood Superlite brakes. Having all elements that this car features in mind, the car does not seem to be much of a Mustang. And the color is something special. The car is sprayed with Spectra Chrome. Ballistic Blue Candy topcoat was added just before the SEMA Started.

With everything that we enumerated, the car seems to be ready. It has a lot to be done before the car is ready to roll on the streets. But, it may not only be made for a street ride, it may also be prepared for racing tracks.

5.0 Fox Creations`n`Chrome Video!