Hear How This Roaring Dodge Demon SRT RIPS Through The Engine!

Okay, it doesn`t actually rip through the engine, but Dodge`s newest addition is a sight to behold. This roaring Dodge Demon SRT boasts a 6.2L Hemi that has an additional supercharger with 2.7L positive displacement right up top. Of course you`ll agree, the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon SRT looks awesome, but did you know it sounds awesome too? You probably guessed because of its huge engine which is a beast to behold, but hearing it for yourself is a whole different type of experience. The noise that this incredible car makes is so pleasing to the ears, especially if you`re a car aficionado, that you`ll want to replay this video over and over again.

These cars generally make a lot of noise and go really fast, and this roaring Dodge Demon fits right in this category! First it starts up with a gentle rumble, but as it gets faster the rumble turns into a brutal roar! However, that is not the last step, since the supercharger needs to take the entire thing to the next level, and it does! The second it turns on, a demonic scream comes from the engine of this Dodge Challenger Demon and I have to say – I can`t wait to see these awesome machines on the race tracks!

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