RC Air Suspension Trailer! I’m Sure You Want This! You Must Check It Out!

Not all heroes wear capes. This is something that at least some of you have heard. Actually, what people have done or created counts as help for many others! Whoever is responsible for creating this amazing RC air suspension trailer deserves of the utmost praise! Having this item is an absolute must if you have something that has to be put on a trailer! This trailer is different however, because it has an RC air suspension system installed! That`s why you have to check out this amazing Remote Controled Airbagged Trailer! These genius trailers are rather expensive though, with a starting price tag of $12,499! This is just for the trailer! If you want any of the extra features, such as the RC air suspension, you would have to dig a little bit deeper in your pocket. It is worth it though!

Let`s be honest here! At least some of you here have seen one of those videos where loading a car or a bike in a trailer goes horribly wrong! Nobody would like something like that to happen to him or her! That is why one of these beautiful trailers would be great to have! Honestly, we are actually surprised how someone has NOT thought of this invention earlier… This trailer is on the wish list of everyone who owns a lowered car because this solves the problems with scraping the car`s front spoiler. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,700lb, these trailers are perfect for most bikes and many cars as well! That thing is definitely a BEAST and we want one! We are sure you want this too! We have to put the video below so you can witness the magic of this amazing RC air suspension trailer! Enjoy!

And if you want to find out the pros and cons of an air suspension, click here!


6 thoughts on “RC Air Suspension Trailer! I’m Sure You Want This! You Must Check It Out!

  1. William Robert Beck

    Ok that’s a beast! Awesome work! What’s the load capabilities?

  2. Bill Fowler

    Someone DID already think of this!! I saw 2 trailers that were built this way in Hernando, Mississippi over 20 years ago. One of them was stolen and never recovered. I am not suggesting this is that stolen trailer but I would bet that they guy who built this trailer saw the stolen one.

  3. Ken

    @Bill Fowler, and of course, with over 300 million people in America NOBODY else could EVER think of this on their own could they? I mean you must be right that they saw the stolen trailer (which I doubt was remote controlled) and that was the ONLY way they thought of it.
    I mean REALLY????????

  4. Archibald

    That’s an awesome idea. It’s a wonder there are more around. I wonder they like with a load? Will they need a cert to its first rego & wof?

  5. I love this idea….its basically the same as a double stack transport trailer, but with a twist. now I need to get one of these bad boyz…

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