Epic Loading Truck Failure! This Is How NOT to Load a Truck on a Trailer! OMG! MUST SEE THIS!

We all want to cut corners in life, that`s the human nature and a fact of life. And sometimes what may appear the easiest route is in fact the most hazardous. In this loading truck fiasco we can see an old Chevy Silverado, we suspect it`s a late 80`s model, which tries to mount a bumper pull trailer. However, the car that is in this disastrous spotlight is a Ford F-350 truck. It`s debatable about whether the driver initiated the brakes on the trailer and his vehicle, but it`s definitely not wrong if we say that his technique was very bad. And the saying that goes “what you don`t know can`t hurt you“ is very wrong here. So, we are going to discuss a bit about the three styles that are major when it comes to auto trailers. So you can know which trailers suit your style the most.

First we are going to talk about Bumper Pulls.

The Bumper Pulls are generally the most convenient ones. You just have to simply slide the hitch of the trailer onto the back of any car and truck that is equipped and you are ready to go. However, of course there is a catch here. There is a max weight allowance. All kinds of trucks and cars are limited to a certain weight amount. When you try to overload weight capacity, you are not just putting your car in danger but also your health. So remember, never overload the maximum weight capacity when using a Bumper Pull auto trailer. Because, you are prone to experience an epic loading truck failure if you do.

Second, we have the Goosenecks.

The Goosenecks come with a fifth wheel coupler that is also known as a kingpin hitch. This is very efficient. It can distribute the weight of the trailer evenly across the axles. It also has a bigger turn radius than the one of a Bumper Pull. However, as with everything, there is also a disadvantage using the Gooseneck trailer. It requires a coupler installed already on the trailer. So, if you are one of the unprepared ones, it will make it less ideal.

At last we have the Semi-Trailer.

The semi-trailer is extremely capable and stable and can support a lot of weight. Because this trailer doesn`t have a front axle, the weight can be distributed almost evenly beyond its rear axle.
So, we hope some of this information will come in handy for you. And, remember to check out the video and tell us your thoughts on this loading truck failure.

This Is How NOT to Load a Truck on a Trailer! OMG! MUST SEE THIS!

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