Read These AMAZING 20 Facts About Cars!!! You Will Be Shocked By #11!

Car -- the three-letter word that connects us, an important part of our everyday life and something we cannot imagine living without. 1886 is considered as the year when the modern car was born and until now lots of things have changed, regarding our second home. Millions of models have been created, billions have been sold and billions have been abandoned, but one thing is sure – every car has a story to tell no matter when was in function.

That is why we celebrate today the existence of car through these interesting 20 facts that say us a lot about our darlings. Before we start, we have to add one more fresh fact on this list which says that over 90% of all new sold Brazilian cars do not use fuel. Instead, they use ethanol which is made from sugar cane. Shocked?! Get ready to read the rest of it. Have fun!

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