TWIN TURBO Mystic C5000 RC Powerboat – MISS LONGLITE! Brutally Fast!

You probably noticed by now, that we at Muscle Cars Zone are very much into all things RC! Trucks, cars, helicopters, planes and even radio controlled boats can get our attention. Especially when all of the aforementioned are insanely fast. This RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000 Powerboat definitely falls under that category.

RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000 Powerboat Miss Longlite 2

We are talking about a genuine huge boat replica which is 72.8inch long and 19.3 inch wide. The twin turbos deliver such a huge amount of power that even a seasoned RV pilot can find it a bit too much. You can see the boat shredding literally shredding the calm lake water.

Unfortunately, we don`t possess any actual speeds. However, it seems it`s going more than 50 mph. This is ridiculously fast when it comes to water. What a fine piece of machinery. Just imagine the amount of money, work and time invested into this RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000. It must`ve been on par with a car build project. Some RC twin turbine boats cost more than $10,000 to complete. Maybe more imposing than the speed, is the control and precision this boat maintains as it shreds around the water. The boat is in a steady contact with the water, allowing it to deliver tight turns, without losing any control whatsoever.

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