RC Skyline R34 GTR Dyno Run! Putting Out About 1200hp!

RC Skyline R34 GTR Dyno Run! Look Like it was Putting Out About 1200hp!

All you need is imagination and plenty of free time to make this kind of a video! It really is hilarious watching this NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34 doing a DYNO test! Of course you would ask yourself “What is so funny in doing a DYNO test to a GTR R34?” But what you do not know is that in this video, a REMOTE CONTROL NISSAN SKYLINE is doing the test!!! However, it really is there and the results are probably somewhere around 0.013 Horsepower and 0.010 Torque, but it certainly looked like it was producing a lot more! See the numbers!!!

These guys have to much time on their hands! However, Good job on this Skyline guys!

Finally, check out this extreme 2000hp Nissan on DYNO!

Enjoy the video below!

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