Meet The RC Rotary Snow Plow! Clears Massive Amounts of Snow on Pathways & Rail Ways!

RC enthusiasts are always pushing the limits and inventing new amazing stuff. Now, when winter is here, they are coming up with RC contraptions that can be used in the snow. Just recently, we showed you a RC snow blower. Now, RC Adventures presents us a bit different approach to resolving the same problem. This RC rotary snow plow is built after the huge snow plows that can be seen fitted to locomotives for plowing tracks. These real snow plows can digest a man whole. Fortunately, they are used for clearing away a huge amount of snow on train rails in order to allow the train to make its travel in the snow.

In this video, the RC rotary snow plow version is fitted to an amazing snow-tire equipped semi-truck. It really does the same job as the real thing, but just on a lower scale. Instead of tons of snow, it moves pounds of snow. It`s still very cool to watch how much it resembles a full-size plow, creating an archway of snow a couple of inches high as it plummets through the frozen precipitation. This semi-truck can now go wherever it wishes with a rotary snow plow like this. We will leave you to take a look at this awesome RC snow plow for yourselves in the video below.

It is winter, so we think you could use some snow plow machines which are available here!