See This COAL ROLLER Being Caught By A Random Passerby!

Wanted or not, we eventually get to a topic where people`s opinions differ. Truck drivers, Cummins drivers to be more precise, are usually eager to pay extra money in order to turn the injection pump skywards as they pump coal into the air. Most often, environmentalists are the ones being against while truck drivers a keen to say that they would rather be `Cummin` than they would be `Strokin`! What they refer by these statements is that the Cummins engine is way better than Ford engines. The ones that are in stake are usually pedestrians, so we believe they should be the ones to place judgments. Whether you are `for` or `against`, we invite you to see a video where a “Coal Roller” is being caught by a random passerby.

We do not know if the video shooter is supporting this act or not, but we know that this video is interesting for both sides. On one hand, you can see how the driver is doing a burnout, joins traffic as he is rolling coal. On the other hand you can give your opinion on this phenomenon if you are a stake holder, and say what you think is right!

However, here is what VICE has to say to coal rollers!