Purely Electric Edward DIWHEEL – New Student Project!

Today`s generations of students have always come up with smart, futuristic vehicles ideas which first goal is to help the community and facilitate overall life challenges. A school project or not we are proud to introduce EDWARD DIWHEEL – the purely electric dicycle. Made from a group of Australian students, this prototype surpasses its predecessors that are human powered or powered by an internal combustion engine.

After a little analysis, we conclude that one of the few problems that these constructions have is the braking power. More specifically, before you start tumbling forward with this vehicle you can only break relatively little. However, the students from the School of Mechanical Engineering within the University of Adelaide, have thought about this issue and that is the reason why this diwheel has features that prevent tumbling. Moreover, Edward Diwheel can make you feel like a superhero, as it can be easily rotated and it can be driven upside-down.

At the end, we must once again express our positive comments for this students` project that we think, it can easily enter the market, be commercialized and set the new standard for dicycles. Although it is an experimental product, our guess for the price is around $10 000. What is yours?!

Anyway, check out these mind-blowing students’ ideas!

Enjoy the video below!

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