What You Get If You Put A POWERSTROKE TURBO On A Stock 5.0 Engine?

Making experiments with a powerstroke turbo is a common thing in our gearhead community. Here is just one more example that you will love!

Powerstroke Turbo Stock 5.0 Engine 2

5.0 engines used to be found everywhere, but people mostly remember them from the old 80s Mustangs. Nowadays, we have reached a point in car building technology where we can make more efficient and better smaller engines, so the 5.0`s have been somewhat phased out. However, they are still very cool engines that anyone would absolutely love to have in their backyard, even though they have a tendency to break apart once you hit 500 or more horsepower use on them. Well, that`s exactly what the guys on Engine Masters do in this video!

The original engine has about 270 horsepower, but with the powerstroke turbo these guys slap on it, it easily goes over 500. Of course this is quite dangerous if you don`t actually know what the engine has been through, but these guys are more than good enough to handle it.

Even though this isn`t the first time that these guys have done this, it`s the most spectacular. A few months ago, they put a powerstroke turbo on a Rotsun and we all know how that went, but now they`re taking that same setup and slapping it on this 5.0.

Now, this engine is making 15PSI and if you don`t know what you`re doing, that can be a huge reason to panic!

Luckily, these guys are true professionals and they wouldn`t let a little thing like that get in the way of their making a beautiful sounding engine and rolling it down the highway. Of course, before it goes anywhere it`s going to have to pass all of their tests to make sure it`s completely safe and road-compatible.

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