Lambo Loud Revving as Police Officer Gives a LESSON!

As much as we all love great sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and others, there still is a general conduct of good behavior that we should all respect and guide by. Who does not want to do it, or at least to watch a supercar blowing off some steam, like doing a little flame shooting show, or pulling some other stunt? But there are some norms that we should all respect and not act like total nut cases on the expense of others, something like the guy in this great Lamborghini Aventador does, in the loud revving video below that you are going to see in just a few moments.

It is one awesome looking dark grey Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, rolling down the streets of New York, after coming back from the continental journey from Nevada, at the Gold Rush Rally GR6. And as the Aventador, accompanied by other supercars, is rolling slowly on the street, his driver starts loud revving (causing a small accident to one old lady) and showing off as the people on the sidewalks are taking pictures of him and his great car.

But very soon after, one of the New York City`s finest is coming and gives the arrogant driver a proper lesson. Take a look.