Usually police cars are after those who are driving recklessly. But police officers are human beings just like us, gearheads. And from times to times they also want to taste what it is like to be on the other side. Not everyone gets that unique opportunity, but when the chance emerges it has to be taken! The perfect example of such situation is actually in the video you are about to see! The police car literally steals the show. It is in the spotlight. There are two more cars in this video and one of them tried to confront with Police Mustang car, but it all finished there.

No sign of that car after the attempt. However, if you watch closely you are going to notice that this is not the perfect fairytale. The police Mustang car is actually a replica of a car from the movie Transformers – Barricade! And the yellow Camaro is Bumblebee! It sounded too good to be true, isn`t it? We were also fooled for a while, but if you listen to the siren you will notice that it is not working properly. In addition, the windows are too much tinted as well. Anyway, the drifting wasn`t bad at all!

Finally, if you want to see one more cool cop who does a drift challenge with 2 professional bikers, follow this link!