Peterbilt 359 RC 1:4 Is Back Again! This Time With The Exceptional Transport Of Lawn Tractor!

We here on are just fascinated with the Peterbilt 359 RC that is built by the Italian Luca Bordin! We just can`t get enough of it! The scaled down version of the classic Peterbilt 359 is one of the biggest tributes this truck has! And the RC builder/enthusiast Luca Bordin manages to outdone himself with every project he puts out. That is why we are closely following his creations. We are waiting with vast anticipation for his new version of the RC Peterbilt 358 to share with you guys.

Luca Bordin chose the Peterbilt 359 truck to be his RC scaled down masterpiece because it was his favorite truck. At first when he was designing the chassis to match the original, he spent 2000 painful hours! When he finished the trailer, Luca Bordin finally managed to fulfill his dream at the end of 2011.

You`ll be amazed at how close to the original this Peterbilt 359 RC is! In this video, we can see Luca`s scaled down version transporting a Lawn Tractor on its trailer! Driving around with the tractor on its trailer without having any difficulties whatsoever. The original Peterbilt 359 was also able of pulling and carrying way above its weight. To make this truck keep true to form, Luca did one hell of a chassis! Using a fiberglass exterior he made a wooden frame that is being used to brace the electric transmission and the engine! To keep this scaled down version close to the original, Luca Bordin payed very careful attention to details.

We can see the renowned Peterbilt horn, chrome engines and even the Californian license plates! Luca Bordin gave this truck an extremely detailed paintjob that resembles the original perfectly! So, from the detailed paintjob all the way to the wheel wells this Peterbilt 359 RC resembles the original in the best possible way!

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