PayPal Engine Scammer Gets Caught & Confronted in Person!

We live in a very insecure time where people will do just about anything for money. Some simply do not have limits to what extent they might go, nor what type of method they use. If you purchase stuff from the Internet on daily basis, you are probably already familiar with the fact that there are people who are trying to scam you on any way possible. They are lurking around and looking for their next victim. Hereby, you should always keep your eyes opened and check for every possible way that you could think of before being actually fooled. In the following video we check out something similar i.e. one part of the story about PayPal engine scammer who tried to make some easy money the fast way.

PayPal Engine Scammer Gets Caught Confronted in Person 2

Namely, the seller and the buyer made an agreement about all the technical parts about the deal. They said the PayPal is the best way to do it. From the seller`s point of view, there was nothing he did.

Moreover, along with the engine he sold to the buyer, he even added couple of more, extra things to go with it for absolutely nothing. According to the person who bought the engine, some of those extra parts that came in for free were broken and he even tried to get a refund without returning the engine at all.

The story goes on even further but you are going to have to check out the full video to find out more about this PayPal engine scammer!