The Legendary Hummer Jump By Paul Sr. Everyone Remembers!

There are tons of legendary mini stunts that have been performed on reality shows over the years, but nothing gets better than the one and only Hummer jump performed by Paul Sr. in the legendary American Chopper show. This show kept us following every single episode throughout its ten seasons, and with a reason. There was always something interesting that was going on, maybe a verbal fight, them breaking stuff or just having a fun time out on the parking lot.

Legendary Hummer Jump By Paul Sr 2

Hereby, we once again take a look back at the legendary Hummer jump we are all familiar with. Even though this scene became one of the most remembered parts from the show, it was dome completely randomly and unintentionally. Everything happened on a snowy day outside their garage in the parking lot. Paul Sr. was driving that Hummer and his son Mikey, was commenting on the fooling around. Just when everything seemed that it was coming to an end, Paul decided to take a step forward and make it a bit more fun.

There was a big pile of snow just besides the parking lot and Senior took advantage of the situation. He jumped off, causing the rear part of the Hummer to lean forwards. Luckily, he was fine, but he did not stop there. Moreover, he repeated the amazing Hummer jump yet once again before finally stopping the car nearby. What do you think, is this one of the moments you vividly remember about American Chopper?

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