Paul And His HONDA CRX Called PINKPUSS Challenges All Mustangs!

Here we go with a video that will probably give you a good time and cheer you up, watching and listening to an interesting conversation between the cameraman, who is provoking this gentleman named Paul, an owner of a Honda CRX car called PinkPuss. He is Ohio`s Oldest Ricer, and the subject is of course, just how good (or bad) is his Honda, and whether or not it can actually take on some `real car` on the drag strip!?

From what we could have understood from Paul`s talk, his Honda CRX is packing an LS motor (but that`s it), and it can run a Quarter-Mile in 14.90 (even though the video description says 14.71 seconds). However, the cameraman is acting like he does not believe him, and provokes him with all kinds of comments and suggestions, putting down his car. But Paul`s reply on those remarks is quite an appropriate, challenging him and his Ford Focus for a race, as well as any other Ford Mustang!

So, after this intro, you can take a look at the footage yourself, and then, do not be a shame to share your thoughts about this bitter subject with us. What do you think about the PinkPuss, and how about that Ford Focus that can supposedly run 12 seconds (yeah right)?

For those of you who want to find out something abut the Honda CRX, go to this link.