This is a video for all the Gearheads out there that love kids and also love making them happy! We have an example of good parenting right here in this video! Apparently, we have these parents surprising kids who decided to make their day a little different that all the others! So, they hid a 1969 Dodge Charger in a barn and covered it with some old cloths and filmed the whole thing including the kids` reactions! This might not have been so EXTRA AMAZING for the kids if the Dodge Charger was not actually a GENERAL LEE styled Charger from the Dukes of Hazzard movie! You know you would have been excited just like a little kid, so imagine their happiness when they saw this shiny Number One Dodge Charger!

These guys find it hard to hide their excitement, and why would they? One day they will find out that they did not really “find” General Lee, but they will sure appreciate their father`s gesture! However, the kids did not suspect the charged battery, the inflated tires and the great wiring! It means that everything went well and everyone is happy! Good job best Dad ever, Parents surprising kids mission complete!