400 Miles Long CRAZY Adventure With The LIGHT INSPECTION VEHICLE!

Those Aussies can really surprise you. Turns out, you no longer need to be in a train to ride the rails. All you have to do is to follow Geoff Mackley`s way of traveling. This cameraman and a great adventurer decided that he doesn`t want to take the high way on his trip to Adelaide from Cook. It is a long way, approximately 500 km, why not use the rails? It is almost 500 kilometers of straight line, no traffic jams, beautiful eyesight and it is quiet. And according to Geoff, you do not even need a train ticket, just use your imagination and turn your LIV (Light Inspection Vehicle), into a vehicle that goes on rail tracks!

It is really very smart and stylish at the same time, therefore everyone would enjoy it. Maybe the only problem you could have is overtaking trains, but we are pretty sure that Geoff Mackley has the solution for that one as well. In case you are still shocked, and not fully confident in what you are reading, click the link below and be amazed! Could this be a new way of transportation?

Anyway, check out the train car speeders!