One–Off 1964 1/2 Mustang Shorty at Amelia Island Concours!

As it was announced, the 1964 ½ Mustang Shorty will be part of the “What were they thinking?” class within the 18th Amelia Concours d`Elegance. This “Shorty” was one of the ten pre-production chassis and is now owned by Bill and Chris Snyder. However, this vehicle underwent some changes such as for example, the lost 16 inches, while the engine is no longer 260ci V8, but it is a 302 cubic one. This vehicle is a two-seater and was designed by Mr. Bill Gardner.



So, this Mr. Gardner left the car in a warehouse for which he did not pay the rent, so the insurance company took the vehicle. One of the employees in the insurance company bought the car and put it in an advertisement. This advertisement was seen by Mr. Snyder who now has the dream car in his possession.

Anyway, check out this custom 2007 Mustang!

01-shorty-mustang mustang-shorty-2

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