Think I Just Saw a Flying Truck! Watch This Got Airborne Semi!

Now this is most definitely something that you do not see every day, neither on video, even less in real life whilst driving your car on a highway. And for goodness sake, we should be all grateful that`s the way it is. But now, since we have it on a video, prepare yourself for something really special! What we have here is video from a dashboard camera, recording a truck, first turning into an Airborne Semi `Unknown Flying Object` and than into a real fireball!

This incident happened last summer on Interstate 74 near Greensburg, Indiana and if you ask me, it is one of the scariest moments I have ever seen when it comes to traffic accidents.

The probable cause for this accident is that the driver had fallen asleep and for a moment lost the control of his 18 wheel massive truck. Fortunately, no one (including the driver of the truck) was NOT seriously injured, only the truck was completely destroyed!

Some people find this video funny, but I`m not one of them. Just watch it and than tell me what you think.

Anyway, these flying machines are better than helicopters nowadays!