Nissan Skyline vs Stunt BIKE: Drifting SHOW By StuntFreaksTeam!

Check out this totally INSANE Drifting SHOW By StuntFreaksTeam with the Nissan Skyline & Stunt BIKE! One of the sickest video I ever seen! Amazing combination of riding, drifting, explosions show!

The Stunt Freaks Team is here guys, to perform STUNTS, of course! They have filmed this amazing video that will not leave you indifferent! In the footage below that you are about to watch we have great drifts and stunts performed by a bike and a car! More precisely, we have a NISSAN SKYLINE GTR that tries to keep up with this amazing STUNT BIKE! This sort of a contest gives the opportunity to many people to choose their favorite and be the judge in the end! Many decided to give the winner title to the bike, what do you think about that?!

Vote for your favorite!
The Bike is driven by: Joona Vatanen
Car is driven by: Harri Kosunen
Director & Editor: Antti Leppänen
Sound Editor: Akseli Soini

Once you meet the StuntFreaksTeam guys from Finland you`ll see that we all have missed a lot! Check them out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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