Best Nissan SKYLINE R34 GTR With Order-Made Muffler Sound!

Awesome video with The Best Nissan SKYLINE R34 GTR With Order-Made Muffler Sound! Whenever I am upset i always come to this video and let the amazing sound of the R34 Calm me Down. How about YOU?

It`s never enough from listening to sounds that bring joy into your life! One sound of the vast array of car produced sounds is exactly this one, which will make you forget about the reality at least for a minute. The three phases of our favorite sound are here, start up, idling and revving. All you can hear is possible thanks to the special parts implemented in this automobile. There are pipes made of stainless steel (the front pipe trust 94) and titanium (the custom made 100 muffler) as well. It wouldn`t sound like this if it wasn`t for the Nissan RB28 engine.

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Enjoy the video below!

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