Upgrading a vehicle is an exciting process by itself. During this process, people are trying to guess the numbers that will appear later on the dyno, based on their level of expertise as well as the parts themselves. It just makes everything more fun and at the same time builds the anticipation towards the dyno tests. Anyway, you have seen dozens of dyno tests videos here on our web site, but we believe that none of them is like this one below! Actually, they have something in common. You are going to witness great sounds, extreme power and excellent numbers all produced by the one and only Nissan GTR R34.

However, the dynometer doesn`t seem like to be up to the task! It crashed and almost fell apart when the Nissan reached more than 900 horsepower! As a matter of fact, this car could reach even more! Furthermore, the culprits that led to this demolition moment are quite impressive. This vehicle is equipped with 3.0 liter stroker motor by OS Giken amplified by T88 34D turbo system. Also, it has V-Cam pro as well as FconVpro engine control unit, both manufactured by HKS. The head works are by CNC and the 88 sequential gearbox is made by OS Giken.

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