Check Out This NISSAN GTR Flamethrower Exhaust Show!

This surely would not be the first time that we see some stunt, insanely cool launching and revving, or exactly like in this case, a flamethrower exhaust spectacle on the streets of the British capital, and I have a feeling that it also won`t be the last time…

Also, when it comes to London and England, it is a fact that we have established that the guys over there love the Japanese rocket-sleds, the Nissan GTR models, especially they love customizing and tuning them, and turning them into real beasts. The following example of a Nissan GTR R35 that is creating a real frenzy amongst the bystanders on the streets of London, is one proof of that!

We had all seen similar scenes so far, with different models of Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercars. I know that well, but I believe that when it comes to flame shooting stunt, most of us cannot get enough of it, and would really love and enjoy seeing new video clips with all kinds of powerful rides, entertaining the crowd around them, by demonstrating them just how powerful and explosive their awesome cars are!

Now check out the following clip that we have prepared for your pleasure today, and enjoy the flamethrower exhaust show! And if you want to find out something about the 2016 Nissan GTR, go to this link.