Nissan 200SX Crash at Drift Allstars Europe! Check it out!

The Nissan 200SX Crash video that you are about to see is here with a meaning. Because I know that many times, a whole bunch of us have caused some serious damage to our cars trying to do some cool drifts or by pulling a certain stunt we want to show off to everybody to see it. And from time to time, things can come to a boiling point and you are that close to say good bye to drifting forever (yeah right)!

Ok, who am I kidding here? Not myself and certainly not you. We all know that once the `poison` gets into your system, there is no going back. But the point I was trying to make is that here we have a video from this year`s European Drift All Stars competition, Grand finals, in which one of the finalists who is driving a Nissan 200 SX, makes a mistake and ends up crashing his great vehicle.

The guy is simply too much carried away, trying to attack his opponent and during a nice drift on the curve part of the track, he slams his rear end in the wall, than makes 180 and makes another frontal monster jam and pieces from the awesome car starts to fly all over. Things happen, such as this Nissan 200SX Crash!

Anyway, this website will give you all the needed info on Nissan in USA!

Enjoy the video below!

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